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In order to begin to address the inequalities that still exist in the world today, pupils must leave school able to make a positive difference to the society in which they live – locally, nationally and globally; making decisions firmly rooted in equality for all and a deep understanding of their role as global citizens. Furthermore, they need to be able to critically assess and appraise the information that is shared with them so that they remain critical thinkers throughout their education and beyond, searching for their own understanding and knowledge. 

The experience of those individuals who have two or more stigmatised characteristics can be directly determined by the intersectionality of those characteristics. This often poses a highly complex web of different attitudes and needs among learners and the wider community of the families schools serve. By undertaking the Educating for Equality Mark, schools seek to see and treat all children for the individuals they are, with a unique mix of characteristics, explicitly infusing anti-racist and anti-sexist approaches in all areas of school life.

Schools that achieve the ‘Educating for Equality Mark’ © are nationally recognised for their ongoing commitment to eliminating injustices and creating an equitable society. The criteria and application process provides schools with a robust framework, informed by research principles, to guide their journey towards becoming an anti-racist and gender equal school. 

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